Appraisals & Services


Victoria Addison is a member of the prestigious Appraisers Association of America. The AAA members are required to be certified according to the highest professional standards, know in the field as Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP). Victoria provides appraisal valuations for:

  • Charitable donations – the Internal Revenue Service requires a qualified, outside appraisal for any donation worth more than $5,000.
  • Insurance Valuations – a professional appraisal is essential for protecting the value of your property and should be updated every two years.
  • Equitable Distribution – objective appraisal services are necessary to assign values and determine an equitable division of assets.
  • Estate Valuations – federal regulations require appraisals to be in accordance with the state and federal Estate Tax Code.
  • Bank Financing – collateral for bank loans.
  • Resale and purchase valuations – provides a guideline when buying or selling art…

Art Consultation and Curatorial Services

Addison Rowe Gallery will provide advisory services into the importance of the artist and the value of the painting. These services are available for building a collection or purchasing a singular work of art. Framing and restoration services can be provided.


Addison Rowe Gallery is interested in acquiring or consigning works by Southwest Modernists that include the Stieglitz Circle, the Taos Society of Artists and Los Cinco Pintores. Please contact the gallery for a confidential consultation, or email